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How I learned to breastfeed

How I Learned to Breastfeed

My partner and I were required to attend several hours of childbirth class as well as a talk on breastfeeding.  We both wondered why HE would have to attend a class on breastfeeding?  I also thought that I wanted to try to breastfeed but also that if it didn’t work out, that would be ok too.

AmandaAmanda Ogden RN IBCLC was the presenter and she was absolutely riveting. I went from having the goal to breastfeed to having my priority be to breastfeed. On top of that my partner James was 100% on board. He knew this was going to be so amazingly beneficial for our baby and when she was born, he did whatever he could to support our breastfeeding relationship.

During her talk she invited all the  pregnant moms to check out her support group at mama’hood before our babies arrived. Because I knew where to go for help, that’s exactly what I did at Day 3 when I had a lethargic, jaundiced baby who would rather sleep than eat and definitely didn’t have energy to try and latch on to my engorged rocks-for-breasts. Amanda got us on a plan and has helped thousands of other moms do the same.

It’s really awesome and kind of touching that Amanda will also be speaking as the closing keynote for the September 19 Natural Parent Expo: New Parent Edition.  I can’t wait for moms and partners to get inspired and educated for what’s coming when their babies arrive!
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Here is an interview with Amanda featured on my website Denver Natural Mom.

Chiropractic Prepared Me for Labor


To kick off the Moms Who Know** series, I interviewed my dear friend Nicole who relieved back pain in late pregnancy through chiropractic care. She also was trying to keep her baby in the right position to make labor faster and easier.

Here’s her story…

Dr. Maura Fletcher of Well Beings Chiropractic and Family Health will be speaking extensively on this topic as a keynote presenter at the Natural Parent Expo on Saturday, September 19.

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* *I decided to put together this video series called Moms Who Know because in my own parenting journey, I rely so heavily on the advice of moms who have gone before me! This wisdom is really priceless and it made me realize that…

We moms don’t know what we don’t know.

What I mean by this is that we sometimes don’t even know what questions to ask because we didn’t know we should be asking about it! So tell me, what do you want to know about becoming a mother?