Curious About Cloth Diapering?

The Natural Parent Expo features an opportunity for you to join with hundreds of other Denver moms to break a World Record!

Snip20150311_2For the last FOUR years running, rooms full of moms have been simultaneously changing their babies into a reusable, cloth diaper across the world on the SAME DAY at the SAME TIME.

The Denver event has been the LARGEST IN THE WORLD every year!

You do not have to know anything about cloth diapering to join in the fun. Bring your baby in whatever diaper you normally use, and we will hook you up with a cloth diaper to try.

Want to try to win a diaper you can keep? Enter our giveaway here:

Rules to participate in the GCDC:

An adult, 18 or older must be paired with  a baby, 39″ tall or less AND change the baby into a reusable cloth diaper.  Please note: your baby can arrive in any kind of diaper you choose!

If you have more than one baby, each baby needs to be paired with one adult.

How the Diaper Change works:

When you check in, our volunteers will look at the diaper you brought or borrowed, check baby’s height and get your signed Media Form. Enjoy the expo and at 10:45 we will start getting in place for the change. All spectators will need to go to the 2nd floor observatory deck. At 10:59 we will countdown and at the same time we’ll all change diapers!

Grab some lunch, buy a few raffle tickets, get ready for our speaker series!