What a knowledgeable group of women to hear speak! These experts range in experience with promoting learning in young babies to providing therapy to all aged children to advising parents how to plan for their family’s future to guiding women in achieving their health and wellness goals. These are tools and tips that every mom can benefit from mastering.

Keynote Address — The Amazing Brains of Babies: Tools to Support Children’s Healthy Development 0-36 Months

Bright by Three is a Colorado-based statewide nonprofit organization that provides parents and caregivers of children aged 0-3 with tools and resources to support healthy physical, cognitive and emotional development in the critical early years. BB3 works with hundreds of partner agencies and volunteers across the state to deliver our research-based visitation program to families in all 64 Colorado counties. BB3 also offers Bright by Text, a free text-messaging service that provides timely tips right to your phone that are targeted to the age and developmental stage of a child aged 0-36 months. Text BRIGHT to 444999 to sign up. For more information about Bright by Three visit www.BrightbyThree.org

IMG_0671Presented by Katharine Brenton, Director of Strategic Development for Bright by Three. Katharine has worked in the nonprofit sector for over eight years with a focus on strategic communications and community outreach. Prior to joining Bright by Three, Katharine served as the Director of Communications for Mi Casa Resource Center, and prior to that, as a journalist for The Greeley Tribune, The Denver Post and Spanish-language news radio. A Denver native and 1997 graduate of Manual High School, Katharine earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a master’s in print journalism.  But by far the greatest joy in Katharine’s life is her daughter Ivy, who was born in January of 2014. Watching very young children explore and discover their world makes the world new for us all!

The Real Secret to Losing the Baby Weight: Why Diets Don’t Work and What Does

Up to two thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within 4 or 5 years. The fact is diets don’t work. Whether this is the first time you’ve tried to lose weight or you were battling your body for years before your first baby, there is way to feel strong, healthy, and sexy in your body without dieting.RS_headshot_sm

Presented by Rachel Sizemore,  1-on-1 Transformational Health Coaching for Lasting Weight Loss and Body Love – with Ease.

In this talk you’ll learn:

  • Why no diet has ever stuck (HINT: Its not because you lack willpower!)
  • The 3 most common mistakes women make when trying to lose weight
  • The most pervasive and insidious diet myth that you have to stop buying into now
  • The simplest weight-loss hack that you’re not taking advantage of
  • My signature roadmap to creating a body you love without restricting or depriving yourself

Rachel specializes in diet and deprivation-free weight loss. She helps women who have lost and gained the same 10, 20, 30 pounds to finally break out of that cycle, so they can create a lasting healthy lifestyle and body they love. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

6 Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Guardian PLUS What You Should Know About Your Parents’ Estate

The average person spends over four hours each year planning their vacation but have you spent enough time choosing a guardian for your children?  What factors should you consider?  Is a quick email to your chosen guardian enough?  Bonnie Bowles, Estate Planning Attorney & Organized Mom, will enlighten you on the six most common mistakes parents–and even some attorneys–make when choosing a guardian.Bonnie-Bowles

During the talk, Bonnie will help you implement a Temporary Guardianship Plan immediately to avoid your children going into custody of the state if something happens to you.

Plus, what will it be like when you have to handle your parents’ estate?  Will you end up in court?  Our parents are aging.  As their adult children, we can help them prepare an estate plan that’s smooth, predictable, and honors their wishes.

About Wills and WellnessWe are parents and estate planning attorneys serving, collaborating with, and empowering everyone through excellent education and counsel by giving them PEACE OF MIND about the future of their children and loved ones.

The Key to Keeping Your Family Healthy for a Lifetime

Tired of your kid’s having ear infections, constipation, sleepless nights?  Done with your husband or wife having pain that he/she just won’t do anything about?  Want to know why you may be feeling fatigued and having headaches way more often than you should?  Then you cannot miss this workshop. The Lovett Family-041

Bridget Lovett, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Owner of Lovett Family Chiropractic is happy to share the information you need to keep your family healthy for a lifetime!

  • How to avoid and prevent many common health problems!
  • What people don’t know about your body’s ability to heal itself.
Skin to Skin & Human Milk: The biological way to breastfeed.
  • Why Skin to Skin and Breastfeeding go logohand in hand
  • Laid Back breastfeeding position 

  • The Human microbiome and breastmilk

Presented by Katie Halverstadt IBCLC, RN, BSN

Brought to you by Mountain Midwifery Center. 

Mountain Midwifery Center has been nationally recognized as a top performer when it comes to breastfeeding success rates. We have continuously been placed in the 98th percentile of the CDC’s Composite Quality Practice Score. Having the best breastfeeding success rates for all facilities in Colorado means a lot to us. At MMC we understand how breastfeeding impacts the health of families. One of the reasons we are so successful is our family education programs. Katie Halverstadt teaches our Breastfeeding classes at MMC. She understands the importance of skin to skin, self-latch, breast crawl and all things baby-lead breastfeeding. We are proud to have Katie as part of our team.