The birth you want: the myth and truth

the birth you want (3)

Tracy Ryan told me that giving birth is the first lesson we get in motherhood. You have the best intentions for your baby’s birth. You have an idea of how birth is going to go and that’s exactly how it’s going to happen for you.

The truth is that birth doesn’t happen according to what we envision or imagine. We oversimplify if we tell ourselves this.

It’s what every mother eventually discovers: our kids have their own opinions and sometimes circumstances in life outweigh whatever plan we have made.

So obviously there are parts of birth that no one can control, and at the same time there is one small part mothers can control.

5 P’s for Birth

  • Pelvis
  • Passenger aka baby
  • Passageway
  • Powers aka contractions
  • Psyche

The 5 Ps of BirthThat last one is the only one we control. So Tracy wants us moms to give ourselves a break! We are only in charge of 1/5 of the process! 20 percent!

It’s refreshing to hear that, especially from someone like Tracy who knows birth as well as she does. She started her career as a midwife doing home births and then opened Colorado’s first and only (at the time) birth center Mountain Midwifery Center, moved to Denver Health and now is the Director of Midwifery for Baby+Company.   As we chatted and she rattled off numbers of births attended, I am guessing Tracy is nearing 1,000 births in her career!

She’s also a mother of six and she knows from experience that moms just can’t fight every fight. You have to pick and choose. If you put too many fights in the bucket, the bucket gets too heavy to carry at all.

So when it comes to planning for your birth, be intentional about what you put into your mouth, how you move your body (exercise), and what’s in your heart. As for the rest? Let it go!

Tracy’s keynote address at the Natural Parent Expo will discuss all the options that moms in Denver have for birthing their babies and how to pick both a provider and a location that fits for your individual family.

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