Who’s Going to Feed You?

It’s smart to make a plan for managing your home in the first few weeks after baby. They eat 10-12 times every 24 hours at the beginning, so WHEN and WHAT are you going to eat??

Enter The Organic Dish. They are a Boulder-based organic meal delivery business. I had the chance to sit down with co-owner Drew Sorrells who explained that everything you possibly need to make a delicious meal gets prepped and delivered to you frozen.

You do just the cooking.organic dish

No chopping.

No reading recipes.

No sweat.

I think my husband would have loved this, since I put him in charge of feeding us when our baby was first born.

When you are focused on your baby, you aren’t going to have the time or energy to meal plan, grocery shop and prepare meals on top of that, so this is a total life saver! And you don’t want to compromise on quality or taste!

The modern day meal train.

Set up a Good Food account on the Organic Dish website and your friends and family, near and far, can send funds to support in ordering some delicious and healthy food to support you in your post partum period!

The best part is that you can choose the meals you want to eat, and you’re not stuck with what your neighbor made for you!

A Menu Just for Breastfeeding Moms

Keep your eyes open for new menu items launching this fall that is being jointly crafted by The Organic Dish chef and nutritionist Kodiak Soled, perfect for the lactating mom.

If you didn’t know, there are some food items that can be irritating to our babies so moms won’t have to worry about these meals having gluten, dairy, nightshades or cruciferous veggies.  And this special menu will feature the proteins and fats that breastfeeding requires. FullSizeRender-1

I love to see businesses catering to what new families really need!

The Organic Dish has generously donated 3 $50 gift certificates to the raffles at the Natural Parent Expo!

And EVERY attendee gets 10% off when they try The Organic Dish for the first time!

Also at the Expo, you can talk to Kodiak for more info on your nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum period.

Buy your ticket now to join the fun!

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