Sponsor Spotlight: Wild Prairie Photography

Sandy has donated a 1-2 hour Family Photo Shoot to the raffle prizes!  One lucky family will win a 12 photo session with fully edited photos delivered via a digital download with full rights to reprint. This is worth $225!

and now meet Sandy…DSC_0113

Hello! My name is Sandy and I’m the face behind the camera at Wild Prairie Photography! I have an epic love for natural light photography and capturing the little moments in our lives. I thrive on emotion filled images. They. Seriously. Make. My. Heart. Beat! Ahhh!! Nothing makes me smile more than detail shots like the one above. The little hands and hint of a grin do it for me in a big way. Emotion. That’s where it’s at. Have you ever had your photo taken and it was like pulling teeth? I am with you there. (Ladies, guys seriously NEVER enjoy getting their photo taken. I recommend bribes. Ha! A little bit of candy and kisses goes a LONG way!) When I started my photography business, I made a decision to ensure my clients experience with me as their photographer was something that I would enjoy myself if it were me on the other side of the lens. Natural interaction. That is what I strive for. I want you to play with your family. Love them. Kiss. them. Hug them! Really, just be yourself. I find that when clients are given the lead, their photos are much more personal. Bursting full of emotion (there I go with that word ‘Emotion’ again, can you tell I really dig it?!). I consider myself a ‘natural light photographer’. What does that mean you ask? Generally speaking, I typically only use the available light around me (yes, that means NO flash! Hooray for that, right?!). That golden sun and beautiful diffused light from a overcast sky are gems to me. The way light can turn a photo from something okay, to an image that I absolutely adore is always amazing to. I totally use it to my advantage. For this reason, my family sessions generally take place in the evening during the last few hours of daylight. The. Light. Is. Gorgeous! I cannot wait to meet you and your family!!